I’m an illustrator living and working in England.
Obsessed with the Old Kingdom books by Garth Nix, all things fantasy and tea.

I work mostly in children’s and young adult book illustration and am represented by the illustration agency Advocate Art.
You can find me on their site here; http://www.advocate-art.com/laura-tolton
If you’d like to work together then send me an email via laura@tolton.co.uk
or contact Advocate Art via http://www.advocate-art.com/contact-us

You can buy prints of my work on my Society6 shop https://society6.com/lauratolton/prints

Client list (partial): Ladybird Books, Harper Collins, Penguin Publishing, Oxford University Press, Mattel-American Girl, Oxford University Press, Six Red Marbles, FaceFilms, Reader’s Digest, Dell.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Laura, I love your art. There is an innocence and simplicity while not compromising the truth of the line that delights me. Your ability to capture, for instance, Benedict Cumberbatch’s precise posture and lift of the brows with just a few lines is remarkable. It’s minimalist, in a way, revealing rather than obscuring. Thanks for sharing your art.

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